1. knit / ニット製品

秩父産のシルクを直接養蚕農家から購入し、製糸場で糸にしたものを撚糸、精錬、染めを一連の仕組みの中で動かしニットを製作。 秩父でしかできない物作りをSHELOOKを通して提案。経糸に捺染をし、緯糸を入れる手法でも知られる秩父銘仙。そんな銘仙の手法をデザインしニットに落とし込みました。 

Knit products 
They are made with Chichibu silk that is directly bought from the local sericulture farmer in Chichibu, and make the yarn in the local silk reeling factory by twisting, refining and dyeing to produce our knit products.We introduce the products that can only be done by Chichibu County through SHELOOK. 
Chichibu-Meisen is known for the unique method of printing called the Hogushi nassen dyeing technique which is done on warp beforehand then inserting weft afterwards – We’ve applied this traditional technique to our knit production.

2. skincare / 基礎化粧品


Proposing cosmetic products using Chichibu cocoon called “Irodori Mayu”. This silk has all the natural ingredients needed to provide the essential properties of skin care products; UV protection, anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-bacterial. Additionally this particular cocoon ‘’Irodori Mayu’’ is known for its much higher quality in these 4 properties than white cocoons. 

3. Padding / 中綿

秩父産、群馬産の繭を使用したシルク100%の中綿、シルクフィル。羽毛のダウンと保温性比較を行ったところ、羽毛と同等の暖かさ+人間の肌に一番近い成分でできた シルクそんなシルク副資材を提案。

We proudly propose our 100% silk padding and silk filling made with cocoon from Chichibu / Gumma county. After some examination, it has been proved to have the same warmth retaining ability as feather down, Silk is also known for its composition which is very close to the composition of the human skin.



Beauty of the shininess
The yarn from silk is made of two ingredients – Fibroin and sericin. Fibroin is the silk yarn itself, sericin coats around fibroin and has the effect of protection.
The fibroin is shaped with innumerable triangles that causes a beautiful shiny appearance due to refraction of light. This shiny-ness appears by washing off sericin through special processes. The natural shininess of the silk leads to its feeling of luxury.



Moisture absorption, Moisture release, Heat retention.
Natural silk fiber itself is hard to transfer heat, and contains a lot of air in the gaps of the fiber. In order to help the pupa hatch, they make a unique shelter to keep the inside of the cocoon warm and control the humidity. Therefore, when you wear silk, it helps to keep your skin moisturized or to release out extra moisture so you feel the most comfortable, even if the material is very thin its specialized in heat retention. The silk fill that we introduce in SHELOOK has been proved to have the same warmth retaining as feather down. 


シルクには静電気を起きにくくすると言われています。基本としては乾燥時にや摩擦時に起こる静電気ですが、シルクは上記にも記載したように吸湿、放湿に優れているため 水分を一定に保つ効果があります。それにより合繊繊維やその他の繊維と比べ静電気が起きにくくなります。 また素材の組み合わせによりその効果を発揮することができます。 シルク+ウール、ナイロン、綿、麻 など天然繊維を使ったものを身につけるといいと言われています。(ナイロンは化学繊維なので省いていい?)

Static Electricity 
Silk is known for being less likely to cause static electricity. Silk is excellent in moisture absorption and release as described above, so it has the effect of keeping moisture in balance. Static Electricity is basically caused by drying or rubbing and so with the ability of silk, static electricity is less likely to occur compared to synthetic fiber and other fibers. It can also demonstrate this in combination with other materials; silk with wool, cotton and linen etc – These natural fibers are known for being better at avoiding static electricity. 



Beautiful colour on dyeing 
It is said that + – fiber molecules in silk fibers are compatible with dye molecules that leads to easy dyeing of silk fiber and stronger glossiness compared to other fibers. That is the reason of the clear and stronger colour with silk fabric. 


抗菌作用が高く、雑菌の発生や繁殖を抑えてくれるシルク。清潔で衛生的なので、敏感肌の方やアトピー性皮膚炎の方でも安心して使用いただけます。 天然の優しい抗菌作用を持つシルクは、雑菌を死滅させる「殺菌効果」とは違い、お肌を清潔に保ってくれ、ニキビや肌荒れなどの肌トラブルから守ります。

Antibacterial Action
Silk provides high antimicrobial activity, that suppresses the generation and growth of bacteria. From this clean-ness and hygienic property, it can be used for those who have sensitive skin or eczema. Unlike a ‘’germicidal effect’’ which kills bacteria, silk has a natural and gentle antimicrobial action that keeps your skin clean and protects from skin troubles such as acne and roughness.    


シルクには非常に高い紫外線カット・吸収効果があり、身に着けているだけで紫外線の約90%をカットしてくれる効果があります。 「光老化」と呼ばれる紫外線の悪影響は、エラスチン・コラーゲンなどうるおい成分を破壊しお肌のバリア機能を弱めてしまう深刻なものに発展してしまいます。紫外線を防ぐ対策さえしておけばお肌の老化の約8割は防げるとも言われているため、極めて重要なファクターの1つになります。

UV protection 
Silk has a very high UV protection effect, it has the effect of cutting about 90% of UV light by just wearing it. The negative influence of UV rays called ‘’phtoaging’’ will develop serious effects that destroy moisture ingredients such as elastin-collagen and weaken the barrier function of the skin. It is one of the extremely important factors as it’s said that about 80% of skin aging can be prevented if it’s protected from UV rays.


お肌のシミ・くすみ・シワの原因となる「チロシナーゼ」、老化の原因となる活性酸素を抑えるのはアンチエイジングの基本です。 シルクに含まれるアミノ酸の一種「セリシン」はこの活性酸素を抑えてくれる「抗酸化作用」に特化しています。 肌のバリア機能を弱めてしまう活性酸素からお肌を守るため、表面にシルクの膜でカバーしてくれます。抗酸化作用だけでなく、毛穴の黒ずみや皮脂の酸化予防にも非常に高い効果が期待されています

Anti-aging effect
‘’Tyrosinase’’ causes spots, dullness and wrinkles on the skin. It is the basis of anti-aging to suppress active oxygen that causes aging. ‘’Sericin’’: a type of amino acid contained in silk, is specialized in ‘’antioxidant action’’ that suppresses this active oxygen. To protect your skin from active oxygen which weakens the barrier function of the skin, Sericin covers the surface with a silk film. Not only an antioxidant effect, but also a very high positive effect is expected for blackheads and prevention of oxidation of sebum.


人間の肌と同じアミノ酸約20種類で構成されており、タンパク質でもあるシルクは「第二の肌」とも呼ばれています。 人間の皮膚の角質の奥には「NMF天然保湿因子」というお肌のうるおいを保つ成分の集合体が存在しているのですが、シルクはこれらに限りなく近く、親和性の高さもバツグン。 着ているだけでお肌にうるおいを与えてくれるシルクですが、シルクの成分が含まれた「シルクアミノ酸」が配合された基礎化粧品などを使うと、天然成分ならではの優しいうるおいを実感できます。また、シルクには皮膚の角質層を整える効果があることも認められています。角質層、つまりお肌の表皮が健康な状態に保たれることにより乾燥や過剰な皮脂の分泌が原因のテカリを抑えてくれる効果もあるのです。 

Moisturizing effect
Silk that is a protein is made of about 20 kinds of the same amino acids as human skin and is called the ‘’second skin’’. In the depth of the corneum of the human skin there is an aggregate of ingredients that keeps the skin moisturized called ‘’NMF natural moisturizing factor’’ – Silk is close to this and has a very high compatibility to it. As well as giving moisture to your skin just by wearing it, you can also feel the gentle moisture from its natural ingredients by using basic cosmetics that contain the unique silk ingredient such as ‘’silk amino acid’’. It is also recognized that silk has the effect of adjusting the condition of the stratum corneum of the skin. By keeping the stratum corneum that is the epidermis of your skin healthy, leads to the effect of suppressing the luster which is caused by drying skin or excessive sedum secretion. 


シルクを構成しているタンパク質のひとつ「セリシン」には、お肌の新陳代謝「ターンオーバー」のサイクルを正常化させる効果があるという研究結果が発表されています。 とくに彩りセリシンはもともと保湿効果にすぐれた成分であるとして知られていましたが、近年の研究によりそれだけではなく、ターンオーバーを調節する「酵素」も乾燥から保護する役割を持つことが明らかになりました。これは他の保湿成分には見られない特徴で、保湿と酵素の保護、ふたつの役割でお肌のターンオーバーを正常化してくれます。

Activation of cells
Research results have been published to prove ‘’Sericin’’, one of the proteins that make up the silk, has the effect of normalizing the cycle of metabolism ‘’turnover’’ of the skin. Especially ‘’Irodori’’ Sericin was originally known as an ingredient that is excellent in its moisturizing effect, but recent research has revealed to say that ‘’Enzyme’’ from Irodori Sericin that controls turnover also has a role to protect from drying skin. This is a feature that isn’t seen in other moisturizing ingredients. It will normalize skin turnover with the two roles of moisturizing and enzyme protection.

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